2018 Renate Shearer Award Recap

2018 Renate Shearer Award Recap

On December 10th, 2018, UNAC-V-Vancouver and Community Legal Assistance Society hosted the annual celebration to commemorate the Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the presentation of the Renate Shearer Award.


This year the Renate Shearer Award was made to Chief Dr. Robert Joseph in recognition of his outstanding achievement in promoting respect for the human rights of Indigenous People in Canada and for his ongoing efforts towards reconciliation based on truth and healing.

We had amazing guests attend as a result of our efforts to make our branch network stronger.

HRDay with Hoa and George

The Consul-General of Switzerland Pascal Bornoz provided opening remarks about the importance of human rights in general, and in relation to Geneva and the UN.  Nina Bader also with the Consulate was the mastermind behind his attendance.

Consul-General of Switzerland Pascal Bornoz

Other VIPs there included MLA Mable Elmore, Minister of Poverty Reduction, and our many past recipients including Tama Copithorne (for husband Maurice), Gail Davidson, Timothy Agg, and Migrant Workers (Natalia).